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2021-16 Weekly Report

· 2 min read

Hello everyone, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, range from 2021-04-19 to 2021-04-23.

Firstly, let's welcome the new hands: xxchan. He joined in our team since 2021-04-19 and have made many improvements of our core library go-storage.


fs.FS and http.FileSystem Support#

fs.FS is the new file system abstraction that introduced in go 1.16. And http.FileSystem is the file system abstraction used in net/http.

In pull request pkg: Implement wrapper for fs.FS and http.FileSystem, we introduce a fswrap package to convert our Storager to a fs.FS or http.FileSystem.

func HttpFs(s types.Storager) http.FileSystem {}func Fs(s types.Storager) fs.FS {}

We can use our Storager in stdlib directly for now!

Multiparter Support#

Multipart is widely used in object storage services to upload huge files (up to 50TB). In this week, we added integration tests for Multiparter in go-integration-test. And we will implement multipart for all services that support this feature.

Keep an eye on our track issue: Implement Multipart Support.

Appender Support#

Appender is used to append content to the tail of file.

This week, we also implement the integration tests for Appender in go-integration-test. And @JinnyYi will implement appender support in Implement Appender Support.

Server Side Encryption Support#

Server Side Encryption, a.k.a., SSE is a feature to encrypt data on server side. In order to meet pingcap/dumpling needs, we spent a lot of time to make sure they implemented correctly.

Our new crew member @xxchan is leading the support in Implement SSE support.


This week go-storage's star is 106, and we got our first user's question about document.

So we start a new project called go-storage-example, we will add more examples in this repo, please let us know what you need in discussions!