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2021-17 Weekly Report

· 3 min read

Hello everyone, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, range from 2021-04-25 to 2021-04-30.


Appender Support

Appender is used to append content to the tail of file.

This week, we implement Appender for the services that support this feature. CommitAppend is introduced to finish an append procedure as service like dropbox needs a close to mark this appends process has been finished.

Server Side Encryption Support

Server Side Encryption, a.k.a., SSE is a feature to encrypt data on server side, which is used by various applications.

@xxchan was responsible for completing the SSE support for the services this week, including Implement SSE support, SEE-S3 sample code and related documents. SSE blog shows what is SSE and how to use SSE in go-storage.

Error Handling

Expected errors are errors that implementer expected. Those errors should be defined with enough comments and any changes to them should be documented.

GSP-11 has specified error handling, but our service is not strict with its requirements when implemented. To make error handling more user friendly, @xxchan is leading the support in Network/IO Error should be expected so that we can retry them.

Make Delete idempotent

The current delete behavior should be different for fs and object storage services.

For dropbox alike storage services, delete a file that is uploading, such as Appender procedure unfinished, will returns an error, which is different with file system and object storage. So we need to unify the behavior.

Please keep an eye on our track issue: Make Delete idempotent.



dm is a data migration service and a long time effort.

To ensure that task recovery carried out according to the plan, even if it is interrupted for many times, Prnyself finished Proposal: Add support for stop and resume task this week and will start the demo.

Hi-Fi of dm is under designing. The Hi-Fi prototype interaction is on trial and welcome feedback.


Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan

Open Source Promotion Plan, a.k.a., OSPP, encourage everyone to pay close attention to open source software and open source community, aiming to cultivate and explore more outstanding developers.

This week we applied to participate in OSPP - Summer 2021 and posed the subject . @Xuanwo, @Prnyself and @xxchan will take part in the subject, and we will recruit contributors from student groups.

For details, please refer to