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2021-18 Weekly Report

· 2 min read

Hello everyone, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, range from 2021-05-06 to 2021-05-08.

Due to the International Workers' Day, we only have three workdays this week. However, we still made lots of effort and managed to get some results.


Appender Support#

Appender is used to append content to the tail of file.

This week, @JinnyYi finished implement appender support in Implement Appender Support. Great work!

Idempotent Storager Delete Operation#

We use Delete to handle all object delete operations, but their behavior is not unified and well-defined.

So @Xuanwo made a proposal: GSP-46: Idempotent Storager Delete Operation for this, and @JinnyYi is now leading the implementation.

For more details, please refer to Implement GSP-46: Idempotent Storager Delete Operation.

Additional Error Specification#

In this week, @xxchan has finished his first proposal: GSP-47: Additional Error Specification in our team! Congratulations!

After a study of our existing implementations in different services, @xxchan did a great job for this proposal, which is designed to offer users unified experience when handle errors with go-storage.

For more details, please refer to Implement GSP-47: Additional Error Specification.

Service Registry Support#

For now, every service implement the function like:

func New(pairs ...typ.Pair) (typ.Servicer, typ.Storager, error) {}func NewServicer(ps ...types.Pair) (types.Servicer, error) {}func NewStorager(ps ...types.Pair) (types.Storager, error) {}

Users need to handle types by themselves.

So @Xuanwo made a proposal: GSP-48: Service Registry to refactor the functions which make it easier to init a Storager.

The proposal is still a draft and not implemented yet.

Add CreateDir Operation#

Applications need the ability to create a directory, and for now we did not offer a unified way to handle this.

So @Xuanwo made a proposal: GSP-49: Add CreateDir Operation to allow user create a directory in the same way.

The Direr interface has been added in go-storage, and more implementations in different services is now help wanted. You are welcome to make your own PR for this.

For more details, please refer to Implement GSP-49 Add CreateDir Operation.


Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan#

So far, over 30 students have shown their interest in our projects. You are welcome to keep an eye on our forum:, where all event-related announcements will be posted.

For more details, please refer to