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Why and what's Beyond Storage

· 2 min read

Why Beyond Storage

Our vision is to build a fully open sourced (Under Apache 2.0) storage abstraction that production-ready, high performance, and vendor-agnostic.

We plan to build a storage abstraction beyond the existing storage services which provides:

  • Cross storage service through uniform interface.
  • Cross cloud application upon our library.

What's Beyond Storage

Beyond Storage is a storage abstraction beyond the existing storage services.

For now, we are focus on the following projects:

  • Library
    • go-storage: The go version of Beyond Storage.
    • go-services-*: The services implements of go-storage.
    • rs-storage: The rust version of Beyond Storage.
  • Application
    • dm: The data migration services based on Beyond Storage.

In the further, we will

  • Support as many as services we can, see more in Service Integration Tracking.
    • ipfs
    • google drive
    • onedrive
    • minio
    • ftp
    • webdav
    • glusferfs
    • azfile
    • NextCloud
  • Bring this idea to as many as languages we can:
    • rust
    • java
    • python
    • javascript
  • Build applications upon our library
    • ftp
    • webdav
    • object storage services (works like an API gateway)
    • fuse (userspace file system, allow user to mount a storage service as local path)
    • migration (allow to migrate data between storage services)
    • backup (allow backup data between storage services)
    • management (allow manage data between storage services)