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2021-20 Weekly Report

· 3 min read

Hello everyone, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, range from 2021-05-17 to 2021-05-21.



In order to make it easier for users to use the service without having to manually enter authentication information (e.g. ak, sk, hmac, etc.) and service endpoint information each time, we have added identity management-related functionality to the prototype. The identity information needs to be stored persistently and can be reused when adding tasks at the server.

So @Prnyself made a proposal DMP-69: Add identity management APIs, to add identity management APIs, and the credential information can be reused by resolving the identity.

This proposal is now still implementing, for more details, please refer to DMP-69: Add identity management APIs.


Organization Rename

Yeah, you may notice that we have renamed our organization from AOS, because it’s hard to explain to users or developers what Application Oriented Storage really means.

So after a discussion, we renamed our organization into BeyondStorage, which indicates our abstraction is beyond the existing storage services.

@JinnyYi is now implementing changing links and module names in our projects, and you are welcome to make your PR to help us, please take GSP-73: Organization Rename as a guidance.

@bokket is also helping add more information

For more details, please refer to Organization Name Changing Proposal.

Local Function Metadata

Metadata is a function to retrieve Storage's Metadata:

Metadata(pairs ...Pair) (meta *StorageMeta, err error)
MetadataWithContext(ctx context.Context, pairs ...Pair) (meta *StorageMeta)

However, we will not send API/RPC call in this function, a.k.a., this function never returns errors. Our user still need to check them:

meta, err := s.Metadata()
if err != nil {
return err

So @xuanwo made this proposal GSP-76: Local Function Metadata to make Metadata a local function which will not need a Context param and not return an error.

For more details, please refer to Implement GSP-76 Local Function Metadata.

Multipart upload part number check in go-service-qingstor

As we mentioned in last week's report, @xiongjiwei made his first PR storage: Check if part number is valid when multipart upload, which is formally merged this week. Thanks for @xiongjiwei's contribution!


Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan

This week, we added two more projects:

You are welcome to keep an eye on our forum:, where all event-related announcements will be posted.

For more details, please refer to