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2021-24 Weekly Report

· 2 min read

Hello every one, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, which ranges from 2021-06-15 to 2021-06-18.

New Proposals

This week, we have the following proposal updates.

Re-support Initialization Via Connection String

GSP-90 intends to add support for connection strings which allow user to NewStorager like:

  • s3://bucket_name/prefix?credential=hmac:xxxx:xxxx&endpoint=
  • fs:///tmp

This week we made huge progress and finally approved this GSP. The implementations could be tracked at Tracking issue for GSP-90: Re-support Initialization Via Connection String.

Add Restrictions In Storage Metadata

GSP-97 intends to add restrictions in storage metadata. In this GSP, @JinnyYi proposes to refactor StorageMeta like we do on Object:

type StorageMeta struct {
location string
Name string
WorkDir string
copySizeMaximum int64
fetchSizeMaximum int64
moveSizeMaximum int64
writeSizeMaximum int64
appendNumberMaximum int64
appendSizeMaximum int64
appendTotalSizeMaximum int64
multipartNumberMaximum int64
multipartSizeMaximum int64
multipartSizeMinimum int64

// bit used as a bitmap for object value, 0 means not set, 1 means set
bit uint64
m map[string]interface{}

So users can get the storage's restrictions before really call the API.

This week we approved and merged this GSP. The implementations could be tracked at Tracking issue for GSP-97: Add Restrictions In Storage Metadata.

Add System Metadata In Storage Metadata

GSP-111 is still under discussion.

We are facing the problem of naming, as discussed in this review. We start a new issue Idea: Find a new word to represent Service to resolve this problem.

New Ideas

This week we camp up following new ideas.

Feature gates are confusing

GSP-87 introduces a new concept about Features, but this concept is not clear enough which makes it hard to implement.

We tried to resolve this problem in issue Feature gates are confusing.

Add support for PostObject

Add support for PostObject is used for tracking new ideas about PostObject support.

Update RFC format

@xxchan found current RFC's format is hard to maintain, so he came up a new idea to update rfc format. We will get this into the proposal process sooner or later.

New Articles

@xxchan start a new post Go-storage Source Code Reading: Code Generation to discuss the code generation logic in go-storage.

@JinnyYi added new internal post Object Lazy Stat in which talk about our object lazy stat logic.