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2021-26 Weekly Report

· 3 min read

Hello everyone, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, range from 2021-06-28 to 2021-07-02.



When a job is done, we may need get result from the action. So we need to find somewhere to store the result. To enable access common results from different nodes, we decide to store it into leader's db as job's metadata.

So @Prnyself made a proposal DMP-99: Add job metadata, to add job metadata mechanism. So job-related intermediate result can be accessed.

This proposal has already been implemented, for more details, please refer to Implement DMP-99: Add job metadata.


Notification / CDC

Our Storage Service may support sending notifications to let users get the changes of storage. This feature likes CDC(Change Data Capture) for DBMS.

This is an important feature which will greatly broaden the use of go-storage and can be even used by applications that are not introduced to go-storage to unify event handling in the storage layer.

@xxchan will lead the design and development of this feature, some original thoughts came up by him are in discussion now, and you are welcome to join us.

To track this feature, please refer to this issue: Idea: Notification (CDC) Support.


Last week, we had released go-storage v4.2.0. So @JinnyYi bumped go-storage in every go-service-*.

What's more, GSP-97: Add Restrictions In Storage Metadata, GSP-109: Redesign Features and GSP-117: Rename Service to System as the Opposite to Global are also implement into go-service-* by @JinnyYi.

Great job!

For more details, please refer to Tracking issue for GSP-97: Add Restrictions In Storage Metadata, Tracking issue for GSP-109: Redesign Features and Tracking issue for GSP-117: Rename Service to System as the Opposite to Global.

Integration Test

With the development of new features in go-storage and go-service-*, the integration test cases should be completed.

This week, @JinnyYi commits test cases for Copier and Mover, which enriched our test cases. Nicely done!

For more details, please refer to issue: Add Copier and Mover tests.



Our new website is now deployed and online! Please check to take a glance, and we are now keeping adding more information into the website. Please feel free to make suggestion by contacting us. Or you can also submit an issue for us, both ways are welcome.

Community Organization

BeyondStorage has been grown up, and we need to define our community organization to make it clear that everyone's rights and responsibilities.

So @Xuanwo made a proposal GSP-128: Community Organization to declare five different roles and their permissions in BeyondStorage, including:

  • Leader
  • Maintainer
  • Committer
  • Reviewer
  • Contributor

For more details, please refer to GSP-128: Community Organization.

Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan

This week, the list of drafted students is confirmed, here are the OSPP 2021 application results:

ProjectGithub ID

Congratulations! For those who are not drafted, you are still welcome to join the projects which you are interested in, by making PRs, committing issues, or just posting a topic in our forum.

For more details, please refer to