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2021-27 Weekly Report

· 4 min read

Hello everyone, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, range from 2021-07-05 to 2021-07-09.



Several days ago, we submitted an issue on rename the project dm. @Xuanwo proposed a name list, including:

  • byteport
  • bytesync
  • beyond data migration
  • beyond migration

After a discussion, finally we choose to use BeyondTP:

  • project name: beyond-tp
  • normal name: BeyondTP
  • complete name: BeyondTeleport

The implementation has already been finished by Rename dm into beyondtp, and for more details, please refer to

Proposal Updates

This week, we have the following proposal updates.

DMP-110: Refactor Task Distribute

For now, we use for-loop to monitor task submitting, and then distribute the task into staffs. We need an elegant way to monitor task submitting.

So @Prnyself proposed DMP-110 to refactor the process of task distribution in beyond-tp.

This proposal is still unimplemented, any opinions or ideas are welcome.

Implement GSP-127: Add ServiceInternal and RequestThrottled Errors

GSP-127 intends to add two global error codes, ErrServiceInternal and ErrRequestThrottled, so that users can retry only them instead of all errors in HTTP-based services.

Now it is implemented by @junaire by services: Implement GSP-127: Add ServiceInternal and RequestThrottled Errors.

For more details, please refer to Tracking Issue for GSP-127: Add ServiceInternel and RequestThrottled Errors.

GSP-134: Write Behavior Consistency

GSP-134 intends to keep write related operations' behavior consistency, by declare:

  • All write operations SHOULD NOT return an error as the object exists.
  • All successful write operations SHOULD be complete

This proposal is still in developing, for more details, please refer to Tracking issue for GSP-134: Write Behavior Consistency.

GSP-139: Split Specs

GSP-139 intends to split specs into different repos, to fit the new model of community permission.

It has now been implemented by cmd: Move definitions here as described in GSP-139 and docs: Move rfcs and spec here as required in GSP-139.

For more details, please refer to Tracking issue for GSP-139: Split Specs.


Deprecated Fields and Packages

With the updating of go-storage, some fields and packages are marked deprecated in last several versions.

After a few updating, we decided to remove them, which has already been implemented by @JinnyYi.

For more details, please refer to Remove deprecated fields and Remove deprecated package pkg/endpoint.

New Repo: setup-hdfs

To make test in GitHub action more convenient, @Xuanwo created this new repo: setup-hdfs.

You can easily set up Apache Hadoop/HDFS in GitHub Action workflows by introducing this, like:

- uses: actions/setup-python@v2
python-version: '3.8'
- uses: actions/setup-java@v1
java-version: '11'

- uses: beyondstorage/setup-hdfs@master
hdfs-version: '3.3.1'

- run: curl ${namenode-addr}

This is also available on GitHub marketplace now.

Add uint64 Support in definitions

We generate codes in cmd/definition in go-storage. In type map, we defined the transfer of different types, which is lack of uint64.

So @zu1k submitted a PR: definitions: Add support for type uint64 to fix this. Nicely done!

Add codecov

Codecov is a tool to ensure our code quality by checking the code coverage by tests.

@Xuanwo introduced it to increase the test coverage as tracked in issue: Increase code coverage.

For more details, please refer to ci: Add codecov in unittests.


Forum UI Design

We use as our forum, and now our new forum theme UI is in designing!

The draft is here, please feel free to submit your opinion.

Member Promotion

@zhangdichn has been nominated as beyond-tp committer.

@zu1k has been nominated as go-storage reviewer.


Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan

Projects are all in heavy developing, and some projects has already got points. Here are PRs list:

Let's looking forward more outcomes!