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2021-27 Weekly Report

· 4 min read

Hello everyone, here is the weekly report for BeyondStorage, range from 2021-07-05 to 2021-07-09.



Several days ago, we submitted an issue on rename the project dm. @Xuanwo proposed a name list, including:

  • byteport
  • bytesync
  • beyond data migration
  • beyond migration

After a discussion, finally we choose to use BeyondTP:

  • project name: beyond-tp
  • normal name: BeyondTP
  • complete name: BeyondTeleport

The implementation has already been finished by Rename dm into beyondtp, and for more details, please refer to

Proposal Updates#

This week, we have the following proposal updates.

DMP-110: Refactor Task Distribute#

For now, we use for-loop to monitor task submitting, and then distribute the task into staffs. We need an elegant way to monitor task submitting.

So @Prnyself proposed DMP-110 to refactor the process of task distribution in beyond-tp.

This proposal is still unimplemented, any opinions or ideas are welcome.

Implement GSP-127: Add ServiceInternal and RequestThrottled Errors#

GSP-127 intends to add two global error codes, ErrServiceInternal and ErrRequestThrottled, so that users can retry only them instead of all errors in HTTP-based services.

Now it is implemented by @junaire by services: Implement GSP-127: Add ServiceInternal and RequestThrottled Errors.

For more details, please refer to Tracking Issue for GSP-127: Add ServiceInternel and RequestThrottled Errors.

GSP-134: Write Behavior Consistency#

GSP-134 intends to keep write related operations' behavior consistency, by declare:

  • All write operations SHOULD NOT return an error as the object exists.
  • All successful write operations SHOULD be complete

This proposal is still in developing, for more details, please refer to Tracking issue for GSP-134: Write Behavior Consistency.

GSP-139: Split Specs#

GSP-139 intends to split specs into different repos, to fit the new model of community permission.

It has now been implemented by cmd: Move definitions here as described in GSP-139 and docs: Move rfcs and spec here as required in GSP-139.

For more details, please refer to Tracking issue for GSP-139: Split Specs.


Deprecated Fields and Packages#

With the updating of go-storage, some fields and packages are marked deprecated in last several versions.

After a few updating, we decided to remove them, which has already been implemented by @JinnyYi.

For more details, please refer to Remove deprecated fields and Remove deprecated package pkg/endpoint.

New Repo: setup-hdfs#

To make test in GitHub action more convenient, @Xuanwo created this new repo: setup-hdfs.

You can easily set up Apache Hadoop/HDFS in GitHub Action workflows by introducing this, like:

steps:  - uses: actions/setup-python@v2    with:      python-version: '3.8'  - uses: actions/setup-java@v1    with:      java-version: '11'
  - uses: beyondstorage/setup-hdfs@master    with:      hdfs-version: '3.3.1'
  - run: curl ${namenode-addr}

This is also available on GitHub marketplace now.

Add uint64 Support in definitions#

We generate codes in cmd/definition in go-storage. In type map, we defined the transfer of different types, which is lack of uint64.

So @zu1k submitted a PR: definitions: Add support for type uint64 to fix this. Nicely done!

Add codecov#

Codecov is a tool to ensure our code quality by checking the code coverage by tests.

@Xuanwo introduced it to increase the test coverage as tracked in issue: Increase code coverage.

For more details, please refer to ci: Add codecov in unittests.


Forum UI Design#

We use as our forum, and now our new forum theme UI is in designing!

The draft is here, please feel free to submit your opinion.

Member Promotion#

@zhangdichn has been nominated as beyond-tp committer.

@zu1k has been nominated as go-storage reviewer.


Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan#

Projects are all in heavy developing, and some projects has already got points. Here are PRs list:

Let's looking forward more outcomes!