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BeyondStorage 2021Q3 Roadmap

· 2 min read

Hello everyone, in this article, we will announce our 2021Q3 roadmap.


Before starting our plan, let’s revisit our architecture.

In the past year:

  • go-storage API has been more and more stable, with no big break changes anymore.
  • Up to 21 services have been or are under development.
  • BeyondTP has released several beta versions.

We have many ideas so far, all of them are listed in BeyondStorage 2021Q3 Roadmap Draft, in this post, we only discuss our roadmap.

Now we have a solid foundation to support us to go higher and further, we have to think about where BeyondStorage should go.


More Services Connected

For now, we have 21 supported services: 9 of them are stable, 1 of them is beta, 11 of them are under development.

In 2021Q3, we will expand them to 30 services:

  • Services already implemented will become stable.
  • 9 more services will be implemented.

After 2021Q3, BeyondStorage will connect almost all major storage services in the world.

More Releases for BeyondTP

BeyondTP is a neutral data migration service that is built upon go-storage. In the past several months, our development speed is too slow. In 2021Q3, we will accelerate iteration speed.

After 2021Q3, we will release a usable version of BeyondTP.

More Scene Expansion

In 2021Q3, we will expand more scenes for BeyondStorage.

First of all, we will try to build BeyondFS: a high-performance, POSIX-ish File System based on go-storage. In 2021Q3, we plan to build a first beta release version of BeyondFS.

Then, we will build an FTP server based on go-storage: BeyondFTP. This service could behave like an FTP gateway for all supported storage services.

Finally, we will start an incubator project: BeyondCTL. This service is a command-line tool for storage management. In this project, we will support multiple profiles that each profile can connect to different storage services.