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BeyondCTL is a command-line tool for all storage services.

# Create a new profile if we don't have one.
byctl profile add example s3://<bucketname>/path?credential=hmac:<access_key>:<secret_key>&endpoint=https:<>&location=<region>
# Copy local file `test.mp4` to the service specified by profile example.
byctl cp test.mp4 example:/test.mp4


For now, we support following features:

  • profile: Multiple profile support.
  • cp: Copy file from source to destination.
  • rm: Remove file from storager.
  • stat: Get file or storage info.
  • tee: Pipe data from stdin into storage services.
  • cat: Pipe data from storage services into stdout.
  • ls: List dirs and files from storage services.
  • sign: Get the signed URL by the source object.
  • mv: Move file from source storager to target storager.

Call for help!

There are so much works to do, and we are welcome all PRs.

Please visit issues to know what kind of help to provide.