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How to bump a version

Triggering the jobs that will push the new gems by following the steps below.

  • Ensure you have the latest merged changes: git checkout master and git pull.
  • Switch to a new branch from master to do the release modification: git checkout -b <branch name>.
  • Update the CHANGELOG: use compare to find the changes to the previous version.
  • Push the release branch then start a new pull request.
  • Check the pull request for dependency update opened by Dependabot and merge the updated dependency branch into the release branch if necessary: git merge dependabot/xxx.
    • Dependabot will resolve conflicts and close the pull request for dependency update as long as you don't alter it yourself.
    • You should add the dependency upgrade into the CHANGELOG.
  • Create a tag after the release branch merged into master: git tag <tag name> and git push origin <tag name>.