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Integration Tests

We use go-integration-test to execute integration tests on services.

About go-integration-test#

go-integration-test organized all tests case into:

func TestStorager(t *testing.T, store types.Storager) {...}

For now, go-integration-test implement three test cases:

All services should add integration tests for operations that they declared in service.toml.

How to add integration tests?#

Setup tests#

Create a tests directory under the project.

Normally, the structure is:

tests├──├── storage_test.go└── utils_test.go should add documents about how to run tests.

storage_test.go includes all tests cases from go-integration-test:

package tests
import (   "os"   "testing"
   tests "")
func TestStorage(t *testing.T) {   if os.Getenv("STORAGE_FS_INTEGRATION_TEST") != "on" {      t.Skipf("STORAGE_FS_INTEGRATION_TEST is not 'on', skipped")   }   tests.TestStorager(t, setupTest(t))}
func TestAppend(t *testing.T) {   if os.Getenv("STORAGE_FS_INTEGRATION_TEST") != "on" {      t.Skipf("STORAGE_FS_INTEGRATION_TEST is not 'on', skipped")   }   tests.TestAppender(t, setupTest(t))}

utils_test.go should implement setupTest which returns types.Storager:

func setupTest(t *testing.T) types.Storager {   t.Log("Setup test for qingstor")
   store, err := s3.NewStorager(      ps.WithCredential(os.Getenv("STORAGE_S3_CREDENTIAL")),      ps.WithName(os.Getenv("STORAGE_S3_NAME")),      ps.WithLocation(os.Getenv("STORAGE_S3_LOCATION")),      ps.WithWorkDir("/"+uuid.New().String()+"/"),   )   if err != nil {      t.Errorf("new storager: %v", err)   }   return store}

All configuration MUST read from the environment (except workdir should be random)

Add Environment Value support#

Add build target in Makefile:

-include Makefile.env
integration_test:   go test -count=1 -race -covermode=atomic -v ./tests

Add Makefile.env into .gitginore to prevent credential leaks.

Adding all needed environment value into Makefile.env.example like:

export STORAGE_S3_INTEGRATION_TEST=onexport STORAGE_S3_CREDENTIAL=hmac:access_key:secret_keyexport STORAGE_S3_NAME=bucketnameexport STORAGE_S3_LOCATION=location

Copy Makefile.env.example into Makefile.env, replace all example values with valid values.

Use make integration_test to execute integration tests.

How to run integration tests via GitHub Actions?#

GitHub Actions is the CI/CD service provided by GitHub. We provide our actions runners to execute all integration tests.

To run integration tests every time a new commit has been pushed, please add .github/workflows/integration-test.yml with the following content:

name: "Integration Test"
on: [push]
jobs:  integration_test:    name: "Integration Test"    runs-on: [Linux]
    strategy:      matrix:        go: [ "1.15", "1.16" ]
    steps:      - name: Set up Go 1.x        uses: actions/setup-go@v2        with:          go-version: ${{ matrix.go }}
      - name: Checkout repository        uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Test        env:          STORAGE_S3_INTEGRATION_TEST: ${{ secrets.STORAGE_INTEGRATION_TEST }}          STORAGE_S3_CREDENTIAL: ${{ secrets.STORAGE_S3_CREDENTIAL }}          STORAGE_S3_NAME: ${{ secrets.STORAGE_S3_NAME }}          STORAGE_S3_LOCATION: ${{ secrets.STORAGE_S3_LOCATION }}        run: make integration_test

Secrets should be set by the project maintainer, please contact them in the public matrix rooms.