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BeyondCTL 是所有存储服务的命令行工具。

# Create a new profile if we don't have one.
byctl profile add example s3://<bucketname>/path?credential=hmac:<access_key>:<secret_key>&endpoint=https:<>&location=<region>
# Copy local file `test.mp4` to the service specified by profile example.
byctl cp test.mp4 example:/test.mp4



  • profile: 多个配置文件支持。
  • cp: 将文件从来源复制到目的地。
  • rm: Remove file from storager.
  • stat: Get file or storage info.
  • tee: Pipe data from stdin into storage services.
  • cat: Pipe data from storage services into stdout.
  • ls: List dirs and files from storage services.


还有许多工作要做,我们欢迎所有的 PR。

请访问 issues 来了解如何提供帮助。